All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around for 1000’s of years.  It hasn’t been until recently that modern science has been able to explain the reason why they believe acupuncture has been so effective.  It can treat more ailments than almost any other practice, and with nothing given or taken (other than occasionally being given Chinese herbs).  Those that are looking for alternatives to ongoing medications, and it some instances even surgery, are looking to acupuncture as an alternative.

Is Acupuncture Widely Accepted?

Yes.  Acupuncture has been found to be highly effective by the United States National Institutes of Health, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization.and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Clinical research continues to prove its positive effects, fueling its growth and acceptance.

Veterinarians and Zoologists, proffesional NFL and NBA teams, olympians, and even the United States Airforce is turning to acupuncture. The United States Air force taught “Battlefield Acupuncture” to physicians deployed to treat in Iraq and Afghanistan starting in 2009.

What is Qi?

Qi(pronounced “chee”  is the Chinese word for “living energy”, the energy that flows throughout the body of all living things.  These concept is common in many different cultures, like Prana in Hinduism, Pneuma in Greek, and Mana in Hawaiian.  Qi is believed to be the living force the flows through set pathways in the body called meridians.  If Qi gets blocked in any area of the body, this causes a variety of health issues.  Acupuncturist treatment these areas by stimulating an acupuncture point along a meridian to allow the Qi to flow properly again, thus relieving the ailment.

Michelle Whittaker performing acupuncture.

acupuncture needle being placed

Is Qi Understood by Science?

It is believed that Qi is the same as what modern science now understands as “bioelectricity.”  We now understand that the body creates a constant electromagnetic current.  This current can be affected by many outside factors.  Studies have shown that the surface of the skin also conducts electricity, and that at the acupuncture points there is a higher level of conductive current.

Although science now understands that this current does exist, there are many questions still unanwsered.

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