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Suffering from back pain? Get relief from treatment without the use of prescription drugs or surgery! Call us today for a free pain relief consultation or fill out our “Pain Relief Consultation” form for immediate response.

How Can You Help Ease My Back Pain?

If you are looking for back pain relief in Beaverton, you have found the right place. We specialize in services to rehabilitate acute and chronic strains, sprains, and general discomfort. Our clinic, located in the Portland metro, provides back pain comfort to patients on a weekly basis.

Many times back pain can be treated conservatively (meaning without drugs or surgery). We use a variety of treatments including acupuncture, chiropractic spinal adjustments, massage therapy, cupping, muscle stimulation and cold laser to provide relief. Our approach has helped many patients get back to living irritation free. Call us now at our Beaverton office to determine if treatment is right for you. 503.626.2166.


What Are the Common Causes of Back Pain?

Auto accidents– Whiplash is the most common injury following a car accident however many patients suffer from low back pain after being rear ended. An Auto Injury is very stressful to the body, even at low speeds. We have had great success in treating conditions from this type of injury. Click here for more information regarding auto injuries and back pain relief treatment.

Office work- It’s hard to believe it but sitting in a chair for long periods of time is one of the most common causes of back discomfort, especially with improper back support. A weak and immobile spine puts the back at risk for injury.

Work Injury or Slip and Fall- Many of these injuries will improve on their own, however, some only improve by 50% then they need a medical professional to help them achieve 100% improvement. Research shows the sooner you begin treatment the better the outcome.

Exercise/Weight Lifting- Yes, improper lifting or bad running techniques and fitness routines can cause low back issues. Most patients with this injury are already healthy and typically heal the fastest. In addition to treatment, learning proper techniques will help in preventing further injury.

Sleeping wrong- It would shock you how many patients we see that simply fall asleep in awkward position which result in back or neck pain. It’s possible you need a new pillow or mattress. One of the most popular pillows that we use is the Chiroflow pillow. The Chiroflow pillow is very popular, and shows good clinical studies. We have found this pillow to be very helpful to our patients who are struggling with sleep.

Scoliosis- Some people are born with a curve in their spine which might notcause symptoms for decades. However, the scoliosis may progress over time at which time the back pain begins. Depending on your age an x-ray of the spine is usually the first step, as determining the severity of the curve is key.

Stress and depression- Feelings of mental stress and depression can turn into physical ailments. We have found that most humans store stress in the upper back and in the waist. If you find yourself bringing your shoulders closer to your ears when you are stressed this can cause significant back aches. Additionally, a stress hormone called cortisol can be released causing joint aches and muscle spasms.

Shoes- High heels are the main culprit leading to low back discomfort however improper fitted running shoes can lead to low back distress as well. To stand straight in high heels one must increase the arch of the lower back, this increased arch places stress on facet joints, ligaments, discs and muscles in the lumbar spine.

What Part of the Spine Causes Back Pain?

Muscles- Your muscles could be causing your back soreness. Muscle spasms typically occur after an accident or fall. Back muscle spasms occur to protect your body from further injury. If you have a muscle spasm and you don’t know the cause it can serve as a sign that your body is at risk for injury and should not be ignored.

Spinal discs- Between each vertebrae (spinal bone) in your spine is a jelly-like disc that acts as a shock absorber for the spine. These round spinal discs can be injured and cause strife. The severity of disc injury can vary widely from a small tear on the outer surface to a full disc herniation. Typically, our treatments will provide back pain relief for this type of injury. More often than not you will not need surgery. Our doctors can determine whether a spinal disc is actually causing your low back pain.

Nerves- Do you think you have a pinched nerve? There are numerous areas in the body in which the nerves can be irritated, inflamed and/or compressed. Discovering where this is occurring and taking the pressure off the nerve(s) is critical. For example, double crush syndrome occurs where the nerve is being compressed in two areas (hence double crush).

Often a nerve can be “pinched” in the neck and also in the arms. Therefore, identifying these areas and treating will result in complete resolution. There are various structures in the body that can compress the nerves. Chiropractic adjustments, active release technique, massage therapy and/or acupuncture are wonderful treatment options to reduce pain resulting from nerve compression.

Ligaments- Ligaments attach bone to bone. There is a major ligament in the lower back region called the dorsal sacroiliac (SI) ligament. This ligament attaches the pelvis to the tailbone (sacrum). Many patients believe their pain is coming from the lumbar spine (lower back) when in fact the pain is stemming from the dorsal SI ligament. A complete history and physical exam is required to determine if a ligament is causing your pain. Once this is determined we can develop a treatment plan designed to heal the area. Weak buttock and lower back muscles from prolonged sitting is often what causes pain at the dorsal SI ligament. Call us today for back pain relief.

Bones- Sometimes a disease of the bone or vertebrae can be the source of back pain. We will often order x-rays of the spine to determine if the bones are causing the problems. Examples include, stress fractures, degenerative disc disease, cancer in the bone, bone spurs, spondylolisthesis (“spondy”) and many more.

How Can You Treat My Back Pain?

Many times we have new patients visit our clinic after trying home stretches, over the counter medicine and medication such as muscle relaxers. If this sounds like you and the pain is not improving, it’s time to call your doctor. During the first one to two months we recommend staying with conservative treatment.

Our clinic offers the following treatments that provide significant back pain relief and can resolve the suffering (we can use one or combination of all):

1. Chiropractic adjustments A Chiropractic Physician assesses the spine and uses specific body movements to take pressure off the agitated structure. Benefits include pain relief, increased range of motion and decrease muscle spasms.

2. Massage therapy– Licensed massage therapists (LMT) perform medical massage to muscles, ligaments and tendons to release areas of tension around the lower back and sacroiliac joints. Often chiropractic in conjunction with massage therapy is effective enough to provide back relief.

3. Acupuncture– Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) treatments can provide tremendous back pain relief. Medical science is backing up acupuncture for many issues. Numerous studies have reported that acupuncture is highly effective in providing relief. The studies often use a “sham” acupuncture treatment versus real acupuncture treatments and the real acupuncture treatments are proving to be beneficial.

4. Other- We also offer cupping therapy, ultrasound, active release technique, herbal and nutritional counseling, muscle stimulation, exercise and stretching instruction and cold laser.