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The supine bridge exercise routine is perfect for relieving back pain, but also has the benefit of strengthening the muscles along your back, your hips, and gluteal muscles, all of which are important for lower back fitness. Building up these muscles will not only relieve your current aches and pains, but can prevent getting back pain in the first place. It’s easy and quick to perform, and does not stress the neck, so individuals with neck pain will have no problem making this a part of their daily routine. The supine bridge routine incorporates these easy exercises: Partial Bridge, Full Bridge, Heel Lifts, March in Place, Single Leg Bridge, Single Leg Dips, and Leg Raise.

If you have been prescribed this routine by Dr. Tony Rhodes, we have prepared a video demonstrating how to properly perform the supine bridge exercises.

Partial Bridge: begin the routine lying on your back with your knees bent. Start by contracting your buttocks and slowly raising and lowering the pelvis and lumbar spine several inches above the ground.
Full Bridge: slowly raise and lower your pelvis and lumbar spine up to the fully raised position.
Heel Lifts: while holding bridge, keep your toes on the floor and slowly lift and lower each heel, alternating from foot to foot. This can be made more difficult by moving your heels closer to the buttock.
March in Place: while holding bridge, lift one knee at a time so it is pointing towards the ceiling, alternating from leg to leg.
Single Leg Bridge: while holding bridge, straighten one leg while continuing to keep your thighs parallel. Hold this position before switching to the other leg.
Single Leg Dips: while holding single leg bridge, lower your pelvis so it is touching the floor, and raise back into the bridge position. Repeat this exercise several times before switching to the other leg.
Leg Raise: while holding single leg bridge, raise and lower your extended leg so it is pointing towards the ceiling. Repeat this exercise several times before switching to the other leg.

The professionals at D’vida have created this exercise routine to be simple enough that anyone can perform it, while being very effective at relieving your back pain and preventing it in the future. Because of how effective it is, the supine bridge routine is one of the most commonly prescribed routines at D’vida for building fitness in your back.

While these exercises are an important step to building fitness and recovering from pain, it’s important to consult with a professional to get a complete treatment plan that will target your injury and help you heal. Give us a call today and start on the road to recovery.

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