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Step 1: Pain or Injury?

Are you struggling with injuries and pains from a recent auto accident or work injury? Are your symptoms becoming more severe as you wake up each morning? The first step to proper pain relief is determining the nature of your pain. Is it simple pain or pain due to a serious injury?

Most simple pains can be relieved through proper stretching, exercise and sometimes changing your diet. Injury pain however, can be exacerbated by stretching and exercise. Therefore, it is important to determine exactly what is causing your pain before engaging in any treatment regiment whether it be self assigned or prescribed by your health care professional.

Before beginning any regiment, be certain that you have properly identified the type of pain you are experiencing.

Concerned about the cost? We offer a free pain relief consultation.


Step 2: Seek Proper Help.

Seek out a health care professional that specializes in pain relief. Many health care clinics, like ours, offer assistance in properly diagnosing injuries. In addition to providing diagnoses, we provide several low or no-cost solutions including patient resources like at home stretching exercises.

It is crititcal to match treatment with injury. Whether we recommend simple stretching or exercise routines, or medical medical treatment, we always make sure our patients recieve the treatment that best helps relieve pain symptoms.

If you or your medical professional determine that you need medical assistance, we’ve got you covered! We provide free insurance verifications and will work with your insurance company so that you can focus on relieving your pain. We work with you and your insurance provider to make sure you get the treatment you need to live pain free.

Step 3: Lifestyle Changes

The reality is after experiencing an injury it may become neccesary to modify your lifestyle to maintain a pain free existence. Even simple aging can create the need to adjust your habits. Our professional staff will assist you in determining the least intrusive lifestyle changes to help you live a pain free life. 

We also provide several resources that you may use on your own such as exercises for pain management.


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