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The quadruped exercise routine will not only relieve joint and back pain, but will build joint mobility, muscle strength, balance and coordination. It’s simple to perform and doesn’t require any special equipment, making it an ideal exercise to incorporate into your routine. The quadruped routine incorporates these simple exercises: Cat Camel, Forward Reach, Leg Slide, Donkey Kick, Bird Dog, Trunk Rotation, Fast Sweeps, Squares and Circles, Balance Board, and Resistance Exercises.

If you have been prescribed this routine by Dr. Tony Rhodes, we have prepared a video demonstrating how to properly perform the quadruped exercises.

Cat Camel: Begin the routine on your hands and knees. Warm up by arching your back upward, then bringing your spine back down.
Forward Reach: alternate raising one arm forward, then the other.
Leg Slide: alternate sliding one leg back, then the other.
Donkey Kick: alternate raising one leg up and backward, then the other. Avoid arching your back while performing this exercise.
Bird Dog: alternate raising the opposite arm and leg, then switch sides. Hold each for 5 seconds, and progress to a 10 second hold. Repeat for 5-10 reps.
Trunk Rotation: with one arm and the opposite leg raised, rotate your core in the opposite direction of the hand that is raised, then switch sides.
Fast Sweeps: Perform rapid sweeping movements with one arm out and the opposite leg raised, then switch sides.
Squares and Circles: With one arm raised, trace wide circles in the air, then trace squares. Switch to the opposite arm. After completing arm circles and squares on both sides, raise one leg and trace both sets of shapes before switching to the opposite leg.
Balance Board: Support your arms with a balance board or Bosu Ball, raising one leg. Rotate your core in the opposite direction from the raised leg, then switch sides.
Resistance Exercises: With resistance on your arms and legs, alternate raising one arm and the opposite leg, then switch sides. You can use weighted bands on your wrists and ankles, tubing, or slight manual resistance provided by your doctor.

This pain relief exercise routine was developed by D’vida professionals to help relieve your pain quickly. The Quadruped exercise routine is one of the most important treatments prescribed at D’vida by our chiropractors for relieving pain and building fitness.

Dr. Tony Rhodes has said that although these exercises will help you manage your pain, it’s important to seek treatment for your injury before it becomes worse and develops into a chronic condition. If you haven’t been to see a professional yet, give us a call today and start on the road to recovery.

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