Beaverton Spinal Adjustments • Effective Spine Pain Relief Treatment - D'Vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center

Our chiropractor uses a variety of techniques, but he is best known for spinal “adjustments”. Adjustments are done using the hands or a small instrument to apply a gentle sudden pressure to different spinal joints.

Adjustments to the spine provided by a chiropractor have been proven to bring relief by correcting structural alignment. This relieves stress, pulling, pinching, or pressure to the spine and surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

How can a Spinal Adjustment help me?

Spinal adjustments can relieve:

And can help with:

  • Improving joint and disc mechanoreceptive activity
  • Improving range of motion (ROM), which improves nutritional joint perfusion and synovial lubrication during repair
  • Lessening joint adhesions / scar tissue
  • Improving vascular supply
  • Releasing entrapped synovial folds or plica
  • Relaxing hypertonic muscles by sudden stretching
  • Unbuckling of motion segments that have under gone disproportionate displacements

Patient recieving spinal adjustment from Dr. Rhodes.

Dr. Rhodes performing a lower back spinal adjustment.

What happens during an adjustment?

During an adjustment, the chiropractor will detect what is called “subluxations” or stuck joints in the spine.  When they find one of these subluxations, they apply sudden firm pressure to release the stuck joint and allow it to move freely again.

What is the “POP!” sound that happens during an adjustment?

The “POP!” sound that you hear when getting an adjustment occurs when gas is released surrounding the joint as it is released.  Contrary to popular belief, it is not your bones that are popping.

How Long does a Spinal Adjustment Treatment last?

Typically spinal adjustments can take between 5-15 minutes from start to finish. After the initial exam, our chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan that is customized for you. Common treatment plans can range from as many as three visits a week, to as little as a couple visits total; it all depends on the severety of your pain or injury.