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Dr. Tony Rhodes, DC, ART, Chiropractor

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    “The drive behind becoming a chiropractic physician stemmed from my overweight and unhealthy lifestyle as an adolescent. At a very young age I radically changed my life naturally through exercise and proper nutrition. The positive effect it had on my life was astounding. Subsequently, I began to study natural medicine and yearned to pay it forward. This ultimately led to earning a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) degree from the University of Idaho followed by a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from the University of Western States. My personal experience combined with clinical and academic knowledge provides a perfect platform to connect and deliver the care you deserve. To summarize, Chiropractic is more than a profession, it’s a lifestyle. It’s taking care of your body even when you aren’t ill. It’s about eating and drinking right, keeping your body and mind sharp, and living up to your potential.”
  • Whitney J. Tuxbury, LAc, Acupuncturist

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    Whitney is an adopted South Korean raised in Missoula, Montana riding horses, camping, fishing, skiing, and hiking. She appreciates Chinese medicine’s emphasis on living in balance and harmony with mother nature’s everchanging forces. Whitney’s interest in acupuncture and the mind-body connection stem from her experience and training in social work along with her own health challenges. She has a special interest in treating pain and trauma and is passionate about helping patients navigate the complex world of health and treatment options from an integrative perspective.

    Whitney is an Oregon licensed acupuncturist and holds a master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (MAcOM) from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine here in Portland. She has a bachelor’s degree (BA) in music and art from Lewis & Clark College and four years of post-baccalaureate study of hard sciences at Seattle Central College. Whitney practices Wing Chun kung fu and tai chi chuan in her free time and is still an avid outdoor enthusiast

  • Derek Chittenden, Massage Therapist

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    Derek was born and raised in SW Portland. Seeking to help those in need, Derek began Oregon School of Massage. While there, he focused on sports massage and therapeutic stretching. Derek focuses most of his time by working within the medical clinic setting and volunteering for sports events.

    Derek’s extensive experience as a massage therapist has led into his philosophy that the combination of deep tissue massage and stretching is the best way to reduce tension in muscles, increase range of motion, and restore proper tissue strength. With each massage, he is determined to make sure his client gets the utmost individualized attention and education so they can live their lives to the fullest.

  • Suzmiché Morris, Massage Therapist

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    Suzmiché attended the Florida School of Massage (FSM) in 2003 where she received a priceless massage education and experience.  Furthering her massage education she completed the Advanced Sports Massage program at FSM in 2005.  In 2010 she expanded her massage practice to include Thai Yoga Massage.  She completed an extensive 108 hour Thai Yoga Massage certification at the Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage.

         Suzmiché offers a fusion table massage or Thai Yoga massage.  Her fusion table massage pulls from the following massage modalities: Swedish massage, connective tissue, deep tissue, sports massage, Thai on the table, and polarity. The Thai Yoga Massage is given on a cushioned floor mat, the patient wears flexible clothing and is passively stretched.  Passively being stretched encourages muscles to relax, invites movement, and opens restricted areas with less resistance.  Energy lines are thumbed and palmed, restoring circulation, and preventing stagnation.
         Suzmiché’s interest in massage stemmed from exploring less invasive approaches for alleviating chronic and acute pain.  She is curious to listen to her patients describes describe their pain so she can custom their massage to best meet each patient’s specific and individual needs. She is equally interested to listen to the patient’s muscles and connective tissue thus being what she has playfully coined “A Muscle Communicator”.
          Suzmiché is fascinated with tracking a patient’s recovery in an effort to determine what approaches are effective and/or ineffective for their healing.  Equally she is thrilled to be part of massage therapy increasingly being recognized as a valuable health care therapy option.
  • Carlo Umanzor, Laundry Captain

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    Carlo takes great pride in making sure patients receive a great experience by providing clean and fluffy towels, blankets and sheets at the clinic.   “It’s a pretty great job… I learned how to use this washer and dryer and I make sure there are clean sheets for the patients”.  Carlo graduated from Beaverton High School with a modified diploma and then and graduated from the school district’s Community Transition Program.

  • Melissa Hurtado, Chiropractic Assistant

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Katherine Kualaau, LAc, Acupuncturist

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    Katherine, a Colorado native, grew up participating in an array of winter sports, running, and dancing, giving her an innate fascination with the inner workings of the human body. She received her first acupuncture treatment at nine years old to help with a bout of indigestion, and has taken full advantage of the medicine for many other ailments throughout her life. She earned her degree in international studies and Spanish from the University of Denver after also studying abroad in Mendoza, Argentina at the Universidad del Cuyo and the Universidad del Congreso. While attending college, Katherine and her brother frequently visited Dr. Michael Winer, a chiropractor and energy healer, in Hood River, Oregon.

    Katherine graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with her master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. She is also accredited by the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the Oregon Medical Board, and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is enthusiastic about tackling any condition that may cause trouble, but she is especially interested in musculoskeletal pain, digestive issues, the aging process, women’s health, and the mental/emotional realm.

    In her spare time, Katherine enjoys spending quality moments with her husband and their two chihuahuas, Falkor and Atreyu (Neverending Story reference!). She loves to dance, and is part of a hula halau where she participates and performs in Tahitian dancing. Being from Colorado, she is drawn to hiking, trail running, skiing, and general exploration where the outdoors may enchant her. She also has a serious case of travel bug whose only cure is to see the most exotic corners of the earth, and hopes to take her practice internationally in the future to help those who may not have immediate access to healthcare.

  • Keyne Webb, Lead Massage Therapist

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    Keyne Webb was born and raised in SE Portland. After graduating high school she enrolled at University of Oregon with a focus on Human Physiology. It was there that she discovered her passion for health and helping others. Realizing that her passion lay in a more hands-on approach to healing others she moved back to Portland in 2012 and started pursuing Massage Therapy. Keyne graduated from Everest Institute at the top of her class with numerous recommendations from her instructors.

    Keyne’s approach to massage is holistic and believes that physical, mental, and emotional health is all interconnected. With an emphasis on specific treatment work Keyne strives to combine relaxation with deep precision massage.

  • Tony Havens, Massage Therapist

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  • Heidi Lutz, Massage Therapist

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    Heidi Lutz is one of the LMT team members at D’vida wellness clinic. She has been practicing bodywork in the Pacific Northwest collectively for eight years.  She specializes in medical massage, relaxation, intuitive and deep tissue treatments. When she’s not at the clinic she’s tending her year-round garden, bird watching or enjoying her family.

  • Bri Rosas, Chiropractic Assistant

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  • Liz Garcia, Chiropractic Assistant

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