The stomach, medically known as the abdominal cavity, is a vital area and expands during a state of pregnancy. This is where digestion occurs to eventually aid in defecation of wastes. If there is stress or blocked energy the process is complicated. We begin to experience indigestion, constipation, bloating, overall discomfort or more. For these reasons the possibility to alleviate these symptoms arises by giving oneself the opportunity to receive an abdominal massage.


Different cultures believe in several benefits from an abdominal massage. Ayurvedic massage therapists from India believe in a energetic point or a chakra called “Pitta” in the abdomen. This is approximately two fingers below the navel. Almost exactly like the modality “Chi Nei Tsang”, massage therapists from China believe that the “Tan Tien” is the conception point where emotions and energies are stored and found in that navel region.


Chi Nei Tsang is recognized as the massage of the internal organs which detoxifies negative energy accumulations and reestablishes peace. In conjunction with this concept, the Ayurvedic massage can release anger that manifests in the liver and pancreas, fear in the kidney, worry and anxiety in the skin and in our abdomen.


The abdominal massage has a particular sequence and requires a bit of lotion or oil. The patient should have an empty bladder and without having eaten heavily prior to the massage.The therapist will start the massage on the client’s right side and will apply firm pressure to avoid tickling. The massage will require undraping the stomach(only exposing the abdomen) and if the client is a female, a breast drape will be done as well. The client’s knees will be in a position of semiflexion to leave the abdomen in a relaxed state. Massage starts on the lower right abdomen. and goes through the ascending, transverse, and descending colon. The strokes are in a slow circular motion in a up and down motion. The purpose of this is to help peristalsis (assimilated food) move through the colon helping excretion.


A abdominal massage flows clockwise.


Why should you receive an abdominal massage? An abdominal massage stimulates the digestive tract. It brings digestive benefits, detoxifies energetic accumulations or fecal matter, alleviates tension or constipation, increases blood/oxygen circulation, and promotes a healthy immune system.

Written by Joanna Martinez, LMT

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