Massage & Stretch Therapy

Did you know that simple back tension can be relieved by massaging, stretching, or strengthening the opposite muscles? I have been working as a massage therapist for almost four years and what I find, more often than not, is an imbalance in the body, which can be cured through massage and stretch therapy.

For example, that nagging pain in-between your shoulder blades; in general we tend to hunch comp-posture and have our shoulders rolled forward with our day to day activities (Example: driving or working at a computer)
Never throughout our daily lives do we do external rotation of the shoulder which would be the opposite motion than being rolled forward. By lengthening the Pectoral muscles (which are located on your chest) you reintroduce your upper body back into balance.
In some cases that “achy” low back may be caused by a weak abdominal wall or shortened hip flexors (Example: Pregnant women’s posture).
Your body loves balance; the muscles in your body are all connected in some way. When you strengthen the muscles in your stomach your low back will be able to relax instead of having to support your body all day. It will have some help from the front.
Do you have persistent pain and discomfort that you can’t seem to figure out? Listen to your body; this may be a postural imbalance and with stretching and strengthening techniques relief can be achieved.
Below you will find common stretches of the pectorals and strengthening techniques for the abdominals to help you achieve balance back to your body. Discover everything massage and stretch therapy has to offer.

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