Interferential Therapy is one popular method used in an injury and electrostimwellness clinic to treat patients. It was first developed in Australia in the late 40’s and became a popular modality in the U.S because it treats deep tissue. Interferential Therapy, or IFC, is one of the methods that can be placed on just about any place on the body to treat acute and chronic conditions by changing the frequency and intensity used. It requires four electrodes, outputting a mid-frequency current, which are usually attached to sticky patches that are placed in four different locations on the body where pain is located, usually in an “X” pattern. Creating the “X” shape placement of the patches is how the greatest effect is felt.

In the middle of the “X” pattern a different current is produced. You will feel a buzzing or tingling sensation as it works on treating back aches, relieves pain or discomfort, and relaxes the muscles. Interferential Treatments typically last approximately 15 minutes. It is a natural form of remedy that treats back pains along with many other muscle spasms and pain one might feel in their body.
Why receive an Inferential Therapy treatment?
It targets the pain site not the entire body. Also, you, as the patient are able to manage your own treatment intensity by having control over the level of current. It’s non-addictive with minimal side effects safe and is an effective treatment as an alternative to pain medication.
Written by Maria Lopez