Everyday we encounter stress whether it is from school, work, or duties at home. Regardless, we find ourselves exhausted at the end of the day because of neck and back pain. Upon waking up, the cycle continues. For many people, accumulated stress can turn into chronic stress, which could lead to severe health problems in the long run.
The real question is, what can I do to relieve this on going stress that is causing muscle tension build up? There are several day to day simple ways one can keep in mind to make sure they continue to think/act stress free in order to be stress free.

Laugh: Studies show that laughing releases endorphins to change your mood which decrease the amount of hormones known as cortisol (a hormone that is linked to stress) and adrenaline. So whether you want to watch a comedy or have a conversation with a friend, laughing can relieve your daily stresses and you should surround yourself with those who will make you happy.

Music: Music can be very calming to some and is a way to reduce the amount of stress at a particular moment. Every person has a different type of music that they consider calming to listen to, but soothing sounds like the ocean or nature sounds are known to have a greater effect. Studies show that this technique can lower blood pressure while also reducing cortisol.

Breathe: Being overwhelmed with daily tasks builds stress instantly. Being able to sit back for a few minutes to inhale and exhale deep breathes will help you clear your mind as well as will oxygenate your blood. Heavy, short breathing causes stress and in order to avoid this, one must stay calm even in a hectic situation.

Eat Right: People tend to feel better about themselves when they eat healthy foods becuase they are good for your mind and body. Likewise, people are stressed daily with the thought of having to be healthy and maintain the right figure when time does not allow. Prepping your food for the week is a great way to be able to stay healthy and stress free when it comes to thinking about meals. Staying organized with prepped meals will reduce the stress of having to cook, not knowing what to cook, while still reamining healthy. Avoiding fatty foods and snacks that slow you down will enhance your energy, allowing you to continue your day more effectively.

Exercise: To clear your mind for a few minutes, take a break and get a short walk in or even a quick stretch at the office. Not only will this release endorphins becuase you will get your blood circulating, it will also allow you to take your mind off of all the tasks that are making you stressed out and can potentially help in the moment of high stress situations.

Consult: Making an appointment with a specialist is also very informative. At D’Vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center, we have chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists that help. They can ask you questions about daily routines and examine your body to see what would benefit you most, be it manual manipulation, massage, cupping, etc. If treatments we provide can help, they can set up a treatment plan to better relieve your stress. If you need more information, feel free to give us a call at (503) 902-4269.

While stress cannot be avoided, it can be controlled. Being able to know when you are stressed or what makes you stressed is key. Now, knowing these simple techniques to relieve stress you can handle each situation that comes your way in a controlled manner.


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