Massages are often viewed simply as a relaxing and luxurious experience. While they certainly can be calming, massage therapy benefits so much more. Aside from promoting relaxation, therapeutic massages offer several impactful benefits for one’s mental and physical health—from reduced anxiety to improved circulation.

Massage Therapy benefits

Quicker recovery from injuries

Those who have muscle or nerve tissue damage can often benefit from massage therapy. When performed by an experienced massage therapist, massage therapy can serve as a beneficial part of a recovery treatment plan. By massaging areas such as muscles, connective tissue, and tendons, soft tissue restrictions—which cause trigger points of pain or knots—can be eliminated. Getting rid of such restrictions will increase blood flow to damaged or stiff muscles, providing them with the rich blood supply they need to recover quickly.

It reduces stress and anxiety

Key mental health benefits that massage therapy can offer are reduced stress and anxiety. During a massage, the production of stress hormones is slowed down while your body’s parasympathetic, or calming, response is increased. As a result, one often experiences decreased anxiety. By reducing stress and anxiety, therapeutic massages can also help reduce other conditions often associated with prolonged stress, such as tension headaches or insomnia.

It improves circulation

One of the most beneficial physical impacts of massage therapy is its ability to improve one’s circulation. Improved circulation has numerous positive impacts on the body. When blood effectively circulates throughout the body, the blood and oxygen flow help remove waste from the body and facilitate the proper function of your heart, lungs, and muscles.

Plus, good circulation can also help your body fight off illnesses by effectively transporting white blood cells throughout your body. By receiving massage therapy on a consistent basis, the pressure and squeezing motions of the massage can help move blood through congested areas and remove lactic acid buildup, which will improve your body’s circulation.
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