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D’vida Clinic offers chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy in a welcoming environment with a focus on promoting inclusion and the well-being of our customers, employees, and the community.
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D'Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center
D'Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center


Beaverton Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy Clinic

At D’vida, we know that full recovery after an accident or other injury can be a long, overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating road— and it can even be difficult to know how to start and where to begin your journey back to your previous ability to function fully and live your life without pain.
Our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way. We offer a truly integrative approach to healing. Our practitioners collaborate with each other and work with you to design an individualized treatment plan to get you back to feeling your best and living your life to the fullest.

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Our Specialties

Auto Injury Chiropractor in Beaverton, OR

Auto Injury Recovery

Get long-term relief from vehicle injuries that cause chronic pain and mobility difficulties. Get your body back to full recovery.


Back pain management in Beaverton, OR

Pain Relief

Discover long-term relief from chronic pain. Experience our effective strategies aimed at enhancing your overall comfort and vitality


Pregnancy Care clinic in Beaverton

Prenatal Care

Navigate your pregnancy journey with our comprehensive support, focusing on the health and vitality of mother and baby.


Pediatric Care

Promote your child’s health and development with our gentle, patient-focused approach.


Auto Injury Clinic in Beaverton D'Vida

Sports Injury

Recover effectively from sports-related injuries and boost your athletic performance.


Prenatal Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage in Beaverton

Fertility Support

Nurture your path to parenthood with our comprehensive fertility support, designed to promote overall wellness and vitality.


Cosmetic Acupuncture

Unveil your natural radiance and youthfulness with our non-invasive cosmetic acupuncture treatments.


Women's Health Care Beaverton

Women’s Health

Empower your journey to optimal health with our women’s health services, promoting a balanced and vibrant life.


Family Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage in Beaverton

General Health & Wellness

Embrace a holistic approach for a healthier, more energetic lifestyle with our comprehensive health services.


Beaverton’s best care, your journey to wellness starts here.

Discover the power of integrated healing

Unlock and enjoy the benefits of your body’s natural healing potential:

Holistic therapy in Beaverton, Oregon

Live Better, Feel Better

Your visits here will include a specialized combination of chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional support, and various physiologic modalities, including interferential current (electric stem), therapeutic ultrasound, and cold laser therapy. We will take you through a rehabilitative exercise program for stretching, strengthening, and stabilization to help restore balance and proper function to your body, and we will give you all the tools and resources you need and empower you to take an active role in your own recovery.

Our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

D'Vida Clinic Acupuncturist Michelle Whittaker
Michelle Whittaker, LAc
Katherine Kualaau, LAc
Chiropractor in Beaverton, OR D'Vida Clinic
Dr. Sean Conte, DC
Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Dr. Alexa Rodriguez, DACM, LAc
Best Massage Beaverton D'Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center
Henry Fortuna, LMT
Alissa Cisco, LMT

What Our Patients Say About Us

316 reviews on
Lisa S
Lisa S
First visit! Amazing! Going back next week!
Jaquelina Perez
Jaquelina Perez
The front staff were very helpful and nice. They answered all of my questions and helped me get scheduled. The clinic is nice and peaceful. I will be coming back for more visits soon.
Jigna Desai
Jigna Desai
I love getting acupuncture done here! I have chronic low back and neck pain. It is a holistic approach for pain management with acupuncture and cupping and every time I walk out, my pain is always less than when I walked in to the clinic.
Emmylea Williams
Emmylea Williams
After one visit with the chiropractor I was already feeling better. Thank you so much for amazing service every time I come in!
Elyse Hight
Elyse Hight
The most warm and inviting place to go for all your injury/wellness needs. Katherine is so knowledgeable and friendly and provides the highest level of care. She and the clinic are helping me conquer the stresses or life and marathon training, and they are doing wonders for my back! You won’t regret coming here!
Ponch Koser
Ponch Koser
If I could, I would give 10 times as many stars!!! If your not happy with this piece of heaven on earth, I suggest you look in the mirror.
Michelle Schwartz
Michelle Schwartz
I was immediately fond of D'vida because Dr. Sean knew the patient in the lobby by name, and he advocated for her and respected her time by communicating to other staff about the patient's arrival. Moreover, Dr. Sean completed a thorough intake, assessment, and tissue release before adjusting me. My only feedback for improvement would be to utilize the intake form patients fill out prior to the appointment; these questions were repeated, and I felt like there was no need for me to take my time at home to fill it out prior. As for my LMT, she was very respectful, asked about allergies, asked if any scents bothered me, had relaxing nature music in the background, consulted me to ensure the heated table was a comfortable temperature, provided privacy, ensured I was hydrated, and was comfortable with both conversation and silence. As for skill, she was very thoughtful in the way she approached the massage: making sure the pressure was tolerable, starting out with more relaxing holds, using the occipital release technique, and working the muscles connected to very tight areas. In terms of reception, there is more room for improvement. I was not greeted upon entry or after the phone was hung up; Dr. Sean was the one who greeted me. I initiated scheduling the next appointment, and I needed to ask if there was co-insurance that needed to be paid. I also would have loved to pay in clinic rather than be billed later. All in all, I really appreciated the overall atmosphere of the clinic, and I am grateful for the genuine care showed by the clinicians.
Joy Mandelias
Joy Mandelias
I recently had a massage and an acupuncture appointment. Both Alyssa and Katherine were amazing! I was not getting any sleep due to my health issues. The treatments helped and now I am sleeping again. Katherine really listened to my concerns and came up with a highly effective treatment plan. I will be back!
Maria Mccowan
Maria Mccowan
First time experience with acupuncture and Katherine made me a believer ! Right now I feel like a new person without pain ! Thank you !
Your Pathway to Wellness

Starting your wellness journey is easy. Here’s how it works.

Beaverton Holistic Center

Step 1: New Patient Appointment

Your first step begins with an in-person new patient appointment at our clinic. In this initial meeting, your Chiropractor and/or Acupuncturist will go over your medical history, discuss any symptoms or health concerns you’re experiencing, and provide a new patient examination by treatment and/or adjustments, as well as review a treatment plan and recommendations.

*Note:  for those who are not sure if a new patient appointment is right for them,  We can also offer a 15 minute consultation at no cost with our Chiropractor or Acupuncturist completely pressure free to answer any questions you may have prior to a new patient evaluation and treatment.

Beaverton Acupuncture D'Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center

Step 2: Individualized Treatment Plan

Recognizing that each individual has different preferences and health goals, we tailor your care plan to your unique needs. Our tailored plans incorporate chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture sessions, and massage therapy, along with nutritional support and rehabilitative exercise programs.

Our holistic and integrative approach surpasses what you may typically encounter in conventional healthcare settings, offering a truly personalized journey toward wellness.

DVida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center

Step 3: Start Experiencing the Benefits

Numerous clients report noticeable improvement following just one session of our chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy services. However, it is important to follow your individual treatment plan to maximize the full benefits.
Our integrated approach addresses the core of your body’s natural healing abilities, promoting long-term wellness.

Beaverton Clinic

Your partners in health

Are you ready to feel better and live better?

If you have recently been in an accident, have chronic pain from an injury or stress, or are simply looking for preventative care and better health, D’Vida Injury Clinic & Wellness Center is ready to help. Let us help you get back to the lifestyle you want and maintain a healthy body.

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