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acupuncturist in Beaverton, OR

Acupuncturist, LAc: Master's in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Portland. Board certified (NCCAOM) and licensed in Oregon. Certified in Facial acupuncture, Cupping, and Gua Sha.

Katherine Kualaau, LAc


Katherine graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major, one in International Studies and another in Spanish, and an emphasis in Human Rights. Chasing a deep need to help improve the lives of others, she shifted gears out of the realm of international politics to a more grassroots healing approach. She moved to Portland to attain her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. During her schooling, she interned at various clinics, such as the pain clinic at Legacy Good Samaritan and Quest Clinic, treating low-income folks. Upon graduation, she was board certified through the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and holds a current Oregon acupuncture license. A year after graduation, she was certified in Facial acupuncture, cupping, and gua sha, taught by Michelle Gellis, the leading acupuncturist in the field. Within a few months after graduation, Katherine found her professional footing at D’Vida Injury Clinic and Wellness Center. Having been with the team since 2019, she cherishes the opportunity to be an essential part of this dynamic collective.


Katherine views herself as a multidisciplinary healer, ever ready to address any issue that presents itself within the clinic. Her successful track record in treating the ensuing conditions is a testament to her proficiency:

– Headaches/Migraines
– Shoulder pain
– Knee pain
– Insomnia
– Menstrual issues
– TMJD (jaw pain) 
– Digestive issues
– Pregnancy-related issues
– Nausea
– Allergies
– Arthritis
– Autoimmune issues
– Dizziness

Furthermore, she especially enjoys treating: 
– Sports injuries 
– Neck pain and back pain. 


Katherine’s background is rather active, as all of her close family members are professional or Olympic athletes. She grew up running, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, hiking, playing soccer, ice skating, water skiing, swimming, and generally enjoying all the Colorado outdoors had to offer. She loves being in motion and loves helping others stay in motion! She also loves spending time with family, friends, and especially her husband and their two chihuahuas, Atreyu and Falkor. 

What Patients Have Said

Patients highly value Katherine’s approachable and personable demeanor. Encounters with her transcend the conventional feel of a doctor’s office visit, offering an approachable and welcoming atmosphere instead. Alongside her friendly demeanor, Katherine’s vast understanding of the body and her consistent delivery of enduring results underline her proficiency in her field. Her goal is to get the patient to relax, enjoy the acupuncture experience, and feel great going about their day. 

Philosophy and Approach

Katherine understands that each individual patient should be treated in a unique way. She customizes each treatment based on the patient’s cues and what they need at the moment in order to feel better. She loves acupuncture because it uses the body’s natural processes in order to heal- she is simply the orchestrator! She also leans more towards a gentle, pain-free treatment but is happy to go deeper for those who request it. Cupping will also be suggested for those who she feels will benefit from it.

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