An Integrated Approach To Chronic Pain

The Emotional Connection To Chronic Pain

Have you ever heard people talk about the emotional connection in chronic pain? This is something that previously would have been laughed at, and now most people are accepting of the idea that the physical and emotional components of a person are interwoven.

Traditional Chinese Medicine And The Meridian-Emotion Connection

Traditional Chinese medicine tells us that long-standing emotional patterns can cause stuck ‘qi’, essentially a blockage in your energy. In acupuncture theory, each organ in the body is connected to an emotion as well as a meridian that runs through the body. Because of this interior/ exterior connection, blockages in the meridians can lead or contribute to long-standing emotional patterns.

Postural Problems and Chronic Pain

Because long-standing emotional patterns affect the way that Energy circulates in the meridians of the body, they can contribute eventually to postural problems in the individual . In turn, the structural and postural imbalances can further perpetuate the emotional pattern that is being held in the body and mind /spirit (called Shen, in Chinese medicine).
One of the reasons that medication such as NSAIDS (ibuprofen & tylenol), or steroid drugs may be a less effective treatment for chronic pain is because they fail to address that an individual is material but is made up of energy (qi), and mind/spirit (Shen).

Addressing Chronic Pain with Acupuncture’s Integrated Approach

An acupuncturist will look at at the mental /emotional self, and address how a person’s posture, daily activities, diet and habits may be contributing to chronic pain. Because of the integrated approach that acupuncture takes, it has been so successful in treating chronic pain.


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